Waiting for the One

In a world where sex in relationships is always the answer, it’s extremely inspiring to see Devon Franklin and Meghan Good subversively go against the grain and refrain from sex until after their nuptials. The choice was a mutual one as they wanted to connect on a personal, emotional and spiritual level before they took the dive into the physical and that is very commendable. Nowadays females believe if a man buys her flowers, takes her out on a few dates or holds the door for her, he deserves the goodies but where are our standards as women if we continue to perpetuate and accept these low standards of behavior from men? These are things that they should do.
Some men need to know that it’s going to take much more work than a few dates to get the goodies. But we are not allowing this to happen if we condition them into believing they deserve sex after dropping a few dollars. I believe in building an emotional connection with a guy. I believe in intimacy with someone only after a strong bond has been built but I also believe in celibacy and waiting until marriage before having sex with someone. These pure ideologies are almost forgotten in today’s world. People believe sex is the answer and forget that sex before marriage is a sin. I love that both Meghan and Devon can be role models for future relationships especially since they are such an upscale couple. They reinforce the fact that it’s ok to abstain from sex with someone that you love until you have developed a strong foundation or until marriage. It takes a strong and positive couple or individual to abstain from sex especially in the oversexed world that we live in today. Meghan Good is truly an inspiration to women.

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