I Don’t Want To Wait In Vain For Your Love

I don’t want to cry, not a tear will come down my eyes. I don’t want to scream, not a breath will leave my mouth. I just want you to get it together because I won’t wait for you any longer. My patience is running thin. I know this is not the relationship I signed up for. I didn’t do so much work on myself to settle for mediocrity. I deserve more, I deserve all of you, and I deserve to be a priority and to come first. I’m not second best, I am first and someone will come into my life that will treat me as such. I thought it would be you, but it feels too hard, I don’t like hard. I like easy going, happiness, joy and peace. I want to feel all those things with you. I want to feel comfortable, secure and I want to believe that you are trust worthy. I don’t want to look through your phone, or doubt your loyalty to me. I don’t deserve that nor do you. So instead of waiting in vain for your love, I will gladly remove myself from the equation, because the relationship that I signed up for should include time well spent together, date nights every week, sometimes two or three times in a week, flowers, surprises, intimacy, love, weekend trips, getting to know the family, and friends and other fun easy going things that couples do to build themselves up into a strong team. I want the works, and it seems like our relationship is haunted by an unreconciled past filled with broken hearts and exes that you may or may not want and this dear friend is not what I signed up for.  I deserve the best. I will not wait in vain for your love. I will wait in vain for the love that has my name on it and unfortunately this is not it.