#BlackTwitter17 Conference

I don’t know what I expected from the Black Twitter 2017 Conference, but since it was being put on by the National Association for Black Journalist (NABJ) I knew  it would be a great event. The event was held at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism. I love this school, it’s very high-tech and modern. There were 6-Panels for the day. So to avoid this being a long post, I am going to share one key take away from each:

Panel: This Year in Black Social Media with Dr. Sherri Williams(Wake Forest University) and Dr. Meredith Clark (University of North Texas) via Skype

Advice for balancing social media and your career: Think about it like an ongoing audition. Don’t put anything out there that you cannot stand by.


Panel: Black Media Post-Election. How will black media and black journalists operate during the Trump Presidency? with Wesley Lowery (Washington Post), Cherri Gregg (KYW Newsradio Philadelphia, Jamiles Lartey (The Guardian), Errol Louis (CUNY J)

“People’s online reading behaviors is intregral to the editorial process for better or for worst.”-Jamiles Lartey



Chat and Chew with Blavity + Buzzfeed

This chat was really cute. Sylvia Obell  interviewed Brandon Harden about the things happening over at blavity. I thought the both of them would interview each other, but it was more one-sided. However this was a highlight of the event for me. What Buzzfeed and Blavity is doing right is they are not afraid to take risks and they are setting a new standard in the industry and among millennials. They are putting out videos about how many strings will it take to break a watermelon or 17-aunties that everyone has and this content is real, raw, and authentic. We can all learn from the innovation and creativity of these platforms.


Panel:Social Media Activism with Tyler Tines (SB Nation), Steve Pargett (The Dream Defenders), Aaron Morrison (Mic.com) and Misha Cornelius (The Advancement Project)

“You never want to be in a situation where a story is covered by a white colleague and they don’t get it right and you were sitting right there but didn’t speak up.” -Aaron Morrison

This comment stuck out to me because it’s not shade to white people, but we can’t expect them to completely understand our culture and our perspectives because they are not black, which is why diversity is extremely important in the work place.


Panel: Top Tools & Branding for Social Media with Jozen Cummings (Bleacher Report), Rhonda Elnaggar (Buzzfeed) and Benet Wilson (Aviation Queen)

You need to keep yourself and your relationship with social media healthy – which means when something is too much for you to see or watch on social media, turn it off ie. Alton Sterling shooting. Self-care in the age of social media is so important.


What’s Next in Social Media? with Sarah Glover (NABJ President) Manny Fantis (Sinclair Broadcasting), Teghan Collins (Sinclair Broadcasting)

Use Facebook as a tool, not just a publishing platform, get folks over to your brand.


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