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I went to an advanced moving screening of “Detroit” and what a privilege that was. Detroit the movie is a beautiful tragedy. I found beauty in how well crafted the film was. Variations of real footage and actual footage of the Detroit riots were captivating. It started with a description of the Great Migration, using images of Jacob Lawrences artwork. Jacob Lawrence is a famous African-American artist who captured the plight of the Great Migration through his art. They literally made his art come to life, which was fascinating to see.

The beginning of the movie takes us into the commencement of the Detroit Riots, which was triggered at a party on 12th Street. The Detroit Riots was one of the main character of this film. Eventually we meet, the antagonistic police of Detroit, and something about their behavior seems eerily similar to our current issues with police today.

The protagonists of the film Larry and Fred appear about 20-minutes in, at the Fox Theater during a performance. The Dramatics (the group that Larry was in), was just about to take the stage before the police came to evacuate the venue. If you know anything about music of the past, The Dramatics eventually blew up in the 70s but this was 1967, right before their rise to fame and they were still hungry little teens looking to be the next Temptations.

What happens after the performance at the Algiers Hotel is the tragedy. Three innocent teens dead at the hands of police officers. I will leave it up to you to see this film and come to your own conclusions about this horrific occurrence that’s been left out of far too many history books. This film is a must see, and I encourage you all to brace yourselves!