If Issa Was My Friend…Insecure Season 2 Episode 2

Photo Cred: Hiddenremote.com

If Issa was my friend I would’ve been right there with her checking out Tasha’s social media account. I know, the mature thing to do is to avoid social media stalking “the new girl” all together but when the love of your life just broke up with you and has a new chick, maturity goes out of the window. Is this healthy? Absolutely not. Does she run the risk of becoming obsessed with looking at Tasha’s page, yep! Will she spend many nights on the couch comparing herself to Tasha? Pretty much! But sometimes, seeing that your ex has moved on finally opens up the door for closure. The first picture of them together is going to hurt like a dagger. The first time she questions, “What does he see in her, that he didn’t see in me?” will be emotionally draining but these are often times the emotions one has to go through after a break up, especially when an ex has moved on and you haven’t. I’ve been there. Something about stalking the new girl makes you feel kind of low though. You’re sitting here obsessing over someone else, while they’re out there living their best life and with your man…think about it.

Issa learned tragically that there’s no chance of Lawrence coming back (Molly, thanks for being #bestfriendgoals and camping outside his job, you’re the real MVP). Although I’m 89% sure Lawrence will be back, Issa seems like she’s coming into terms with this, despite how hard it may be.

The person who really needs advice in this episode is Tasha. She’s the rebound girl. The girl who wants to be loved so bad, that she’ll settle for someone else’s leftovers; Dangerous position to be in.

If Tasha was my friend, I would tell her “Run fast! I know you’re catching feelings girl, but Lawrence is confused and you have to protect your heart….He’s honest though.”

I’ve never seen any man feel so guilty about sleeping with their ex, that they confess their wrongs to the rebound girl. I’m hoping fellas take note. Honesty is the best policy, even if it stings at first. At the end of the day, no matter what position you might be playing, main chick or rebound, we’re all human and we all have feelings and a strong desire to be loved. I believe most women would prefer a guy being honest about his mistakes than finding out about it; that type of betrayal hurts bad. Again, Lawrence is showing his self-righteousness, by proving he can be better than Issa. Issa wasn’t honest with him, but he has to be better than her, or that would make him just as guilty. But it leads me to question if Lawrence was only being honest because Tasha and him are not exclusive, so it’s less pressure. Nevertheless, Lawrence needs some breathing space. I would be shocked if Lawrence and Tasha became exclusive because right now Tasha is looking like collateral damage and no one deserves that.

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