Podcast Revamp All Summer 16 #PodByKy


I started a podcast for Lifestyle By Ky around January of this year, just to get some things off my mind and talk it out. The funny thing is most people don’t know my podcast exists, which is what I am seeking to change. This summer, I decided to work on a podcast project of sorts, where I would interview various people on different topics that I cared about. So far I’ve done interviews on “Life After College” “The Reality of Marriage” “The Male Perspective” and “The Golden Age of TV and Life” just to name a few things and the best part is starting this week and every week after for the rest of the summer and fall you will be able to hear it too.

So a few things before becoming a listener  of Lifestylebyky Podcast that I want to be totally honest about:

1.) My voice is absolutely ANNOYING!  Brace Yourselves!

2.) My laugh is more annoying than my voice, something I never knew!

3.) I’ve gotten the question a lot lately, what’s your podcast about? Man I don’t know, whatever I feel like talking about when I wake up for the day.

4.) My podcast are very unconventional. I know the standard is to be in a very quiet room, where you can hear a pin drop. But I don’t have time for all of that. Sometimes, topics come to me when I am jogging through prospect park and boom a podcast episode is created, so if you’re anything like me you have to go with the flow as my listener!

5.) My guests definitely are dropping GEMS! Each week gets better and better and better!

6.) What I want from all of this is growth. I want the podcast to evolve eventually, but I have to start somewhere. I want to discover more about me and what I am capable of doing as well.

You can listen to my podcast on my blog Lifestylebyky.com under ThePodcast tab. You can also subscribe to my Soundcloud and listen to it there. It will be on Itunes soon, very soon and another update for that milestone will come shortly.

Happy Listening #PodByKy


Alternative Ways of Networking

NETWORKING.jpgI love people but I can’t bring myself to walk up to someone randomly and introduce myself . Because networking is such an important tool to develop in your career, I had to discover alternative ways of networking where I can meet people and still be true to myself by attending conferences, working for others and social media i.e. Twitter and Facebook groups just to name a few. Check out my latest podcast.


Taylor’d World Podcast

Taylor'd World PodcastTaylor’d World is one of my favorite podcasts. So when Taylor, the host invited me on her show I was overjoyed. My first thought was “Finally”. Taylor and I went to school together, we share the same interests, and we’re both Pisces of course the connection was there. My next? What am I going to say? Ahhhhhh.

My experience on Taylor’d World was nothing short of amazing. The first half was about the beauty of blogging. We discussed the ups and downs of blogging. Some of the ways I get inspiration, and dealing with positive or negative feedback and trolls.

Before going into our second discussion, Taylor played a trivia game with me about one of my favorite shows of all times “Living Single”. I got 1 question wrong grrrr!

The second half was all about getting over break ups. We talked about everything from First Loves to learning how to love yourself. Post break up you have to immediately build yourself back up. Some of the things that I did was travel, dive into different hobbies and interests, and really start to view myself as a catch. His loss not mine.






Being Still…



You ever feel like you have so much going on in your life that you barely make time for one-on-one  with God? That was me a few months ago.It wasn’t like I completely ignored my time with him, but I was juggling too much and not giving him enough of me.

Fast forward a few months later and now I have all the time in the world to spend with him because I am now still. Listening to him. Waiting on his call for my life.  Find out what changed so drastically in my latest podcast.


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The Podcast: Oh No You Didn’t!

I remember when I was in college and one of the students in my African American History class said, “Why is there a BET? Would you guys appreciate it if we had a WET?” The bigger question was why in this day in age are we still explaining this? WET is main stream television!

With shows like “Girls” and “Friends” with all white casts that encompasses agency, gender, and relationships beyond the representation of Caucasian people, it baffles me that we still have to explain why our own networks, our own award shows, and our own historically black colleges are necessary.

This podcast explores some of the things that I’ve heard or experienced from others that were just not okay. Irony is, I recorded this almost a week before Stacey Dash decided to share her views on Black History Month and BET!

Things I address:

#1 Why is there a BET?

Simple, main stream TV, Movies and Media is catered to white people and we are sick of not seeing our stories represented so we created our own platform to do so.

#2 50 Black Owned Restaurants

A friend of mine was annoyed that I was promoting the 50 Black Owned Restaurants in NYC via Idontdoclubs.com. The sad part of the whole situation is that out of all the restaurants in NYC this website could only compile 50. Eventually the list grew to 100, but still…the disparity is huge.

#3 The N Word (Used by Others)

I feel the need to explain this story more. The person I talked about wasn’t calling me the N word, she was talking to her fellow white co-worker, but I was with in close proximity to hear her, so it was offensive.

#4 Affirmative Action

I feel like blacks are perfectly capable of getting into the best colleges and excelling. However I don’t see anything wrong with Affirmative Action. Inner-city black people are not afforded the same resources as their white counter parts and to even the playing field I believe that Affirmative Action is necessary.

#5 Cultural Appropriation

It really is crazy! I really get it, and I may have to do another podcast to dive deeper into this topic, however I am not strongly angered when Kylie Jenner gets her lips done or wear baby hair–who cares? Can we focus on the more important things happening in the world like child marriage? or children having to live in unsanitary conditions all over the world?




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Hair Politics


Why does my hair offend you? Nope, not just my natural hair, but my weaves, my wigs, my braids, my freedom to do whatever I want with my hair. Furthermore, do you really believe I have low self-esteem because I choose to wear my hair straight or that I am not properly kept when I wear my hair natural? Today’s podcast allows me to explore just that. I take you on my personal hair journey and also talk about the policing that comes from various people when it comes to your hair, but I think the key word in that sentence is YOUR.Your hair, your decisions, your freedom.

Find out why I don’t get offended when people ask me if my hair is my hair, and why the conversation of hair is such an important topic in the African American community.

What’s your stance when it comes to hair politics?



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Self-Love vs. Selfish


I’ve been thinking about this idea of Self-Love. Society constantly tells us we must love ourselves. So I went on a quest to do just that a few years ago. However, this year, I am finding that there’s a thin line between loving yourself and being selfish. When I am juggling all the things that I am doing on a day-to-day basis, it’s hard to make time to check on others. I want to work on this more in 2016. I want to learn to find a balance in my life and among the people I care about. I feel like when we get so goal oriented, we forget that there’s people in the world who need a simple “Hello” just to know that we care.

Since it was easier for me to talk about this topic rather than type it out, I created a podcast for it. You can click the link below to hear it. The link will take you to my podcast page, feel free to follow it as well. Also forgive my sniffles I’m a little under the weather:



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