About Ky

Kydee Kristina, is a Brooklyn born and raised twenty-something year old who has bright dreams and an outlandish personality. She is a graduate from Penn State University, just trying to make her mark on the world. Inspiration is the driving force behind her creativity, which pushes her to be fearless and optimistic about life and all it has to offer.

Facts about Ky

1. I am a Jesus Lover!

2. A perfect day for me would consist of being surrounded by magazines including Essence, Ebony, Glamour, and Harper Bazaar with an amazing movie like Love Jones or Waiting to Exhale playing.

3. Favorite TV Sitcoms are Girlfriends, Living Single, Being Mary Jane, Younger, Scandal, You’re The Worst, UndergroundWGN, and House of Cards.

4. I love to Travel. Actually, you can check out my travel blog TravelByKy

5. I love my history. You will read a lot about African American interest topics on my blog.

6. One of the best moments in my life was going Natural!

7. Whatever I do in life, it has to be something I am passionate about and I love anything that has to do with writing and the empowerment of women.

8. I love museums. It centers me.

9. I love making collages, it makes me happy.

10. I am an avid reader. Shout out to all the book nerds out there!

11. I enjoy writing scripts.

12. Last but not least, I am very family and friend oriented.

Contact me via email: lifestylebyky@gmail.com

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Kydee Williams


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