27th Birthday Brunch

I always tell myself I don’t want to make a fuss over my birthday and then it comes around and I realize how important it is to take advantage of celebrating yourself. So I did. This year started out on a rocky note, with me losing my hearing while in South Africa. As a result, it was important for me to celebrate life. I had my brunch at Il Bastardo, an Italian restaurant where you can drink out of champagne bottles with straws. It was a 90s themed brunch since I absolutely love the 90s. All of my guests left with a “You Are A Badass” book by Jen Sincero because it was one of the books that I read while I was sick to encourage me to get going again.

After brunch, my friends and I went to an art exhibit followed by another party at Studio 21 which was a blast. We spent the rest of the night dancing to all of my favorite songs new and old. But a night out wouldn’t be complete without the relentless search for food at midnight. We found a cozy Mexican restaurant where we shared arroz con pollo and fajitas. T’was a good night.





EnVision & Sip

Every year, I try to throw a shindig that gets all my friends together under one roof. Sometimes we get so distracted by everyday life that we forget the importance of maintaining relationships. Last year was a happy hour, the year before was a dinner party, and this year was my vision board party. On Saturday I gathered a few of my friends for Envision and Sip. It was such a positive afternoon filled with laughs, great food, and collaging. The highlight of the night was when each of us revealed our vision board and explained the trajectories in life we would like to take. We learned from one another, we were able to be vulnerable, and transparent. I hope this event changed the lives of my attendees because mine sure was changed. I now have 10-people holding me accountable for the goals I spoke into existence that day.


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How to Plan a Vision Board Party

IMG_9869So you want to plan a vision board party? Well, as someone who just hosted a very successful one, I’ll explain how. It’s rather simple and it was an idea that came about randomly. I knew it wouldn’t take much thought to put together and it would be a fun excuse to bring close friends together for an afternoon of fellowship and fun.

Google Docs

I am going to start this post off with a tip. Google Docs is the best. I used google docs to plan out my party and create a contact list for attendees.

Invite list

Unless you have the space, its important not to invite too many people since this is a huge arts and crafts task that requires time and space. Also since a vision board party outlines someone’s innermost desires for their present and future be mindful of who you invite and make sure everyone is encouraging to one another.


Figure out a date, time and location. I sent all my invites via e-vite. I found a cute template and the rest was history. Most importantly, my invitations didn’t cost a dime and I was able to keep track of who viewed the invitation and RSVPs.

The invite encouraged people to answer the following questions:

  1. What is my vision for my life?
  2. What are my dreams?
  3. What do I need to do to achieve my dreams?
  4. How much of my past is shaping the way I think and what I do? Is it affecting my present and future?

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