Mason Jar Fun!

Mason Jars

Mason Jars can turn any event into a festivity. What that basically means is they’re totally fun! My friend had a Graduation BBQ recently and we decided to invest in the Mason Jars. They would be the “thing” everyone would want to have while at the party and could take home with them as a souvenir. I found a pack of 12 at my local target for just $10.00

They were small jars, specifically for pickles and canning other liquids and foods but they ended up being perfect. With the addition of a decorative straw and a sticker on the front where guests could write their names on it, these jars were a hit and can be great for your next shindig as well.


D.I.Y Valentines Day Date Ideas

Ah, Valentines Day, it’s one of the most commercially driven days ever, but how can you not love a holiday that celebrates love? Love is such a beautiful thing. Valentines Day allows me to show the ones that I love, how much I truly appreciate them and value them. If you’re anything like me, you want to do something special for your beau, but you don’t really want to break your pockets doing so, which is why this year, I decided to be creative with my valentines day ideas. I wanted to experiment with a DIY Valentines Day, that’s right, do it myself! I am sharing some of my ideas, because I am positive you will be inspired by these cost-effective alternatives to celebrating Valentines Day with that special someone. All of these ideas fall under $30, and if you aren’t sure which fits your budget, you can use these personal finance tools to determine what you can spend, worry-free!

Indoor Camping

Under $10

Just imagine a night in an oasis bungalow that you created for yourself, in the comfort of your very own living room. You can decorate the tent with blankets and pillows and stream lights to add to the ambiance. If you don’t have a tent, create your own, surrounding your bed. Using sheets, curtains, and a few thumbtacks, enjoy a change to your normal bedroom routine while indulging in pillow talk and s’mores, which you can easily make on your stove or fireplace.

Wine Tasting

Under $25

Wine tasting can be pretty costly, so why not create your own. Head over to your local supermarket, my favorite is Trader Joes because their wine selection is delicious and very cheap. They also have a really great selection of cheese which you can pick up to add to the tasting menu. Pick up about 2-4 wine bottles from different parts of the world. When you get home, break out those wine glasses that you keep in the cupboard for “company” and treat yourself to a tasting that will blow your mind. Continue reading “D.I.Y Valentines Day Date Ideas”

Don’t Put Me In A Box

One Friday after work, I felt like PAINTING. If you remember it was on my summer bucket list to paint my version of contemporary art (which is one of my favorite categories of art). I went to an art store in Soho and spent over $70 on 5 canvases, 3-paint brushes, and 6-Acrylic Paints. Once home I sat on the floor and created for the rest of the weekend.


One of the things this experience taught me is to never have an opinion about someone’s ventures or capabilities if you haven’t tried it for yourself. For years, I would look at art in museums and question why it was art. It looked so elementary. Yet, when it came time for me to create art of my own, I struggled. My brush strokes were noticeable; My letters were too big, my lines were uneven, and my colors didn’t blend well. Gradually, I began to revere all artist because painting is not an easy task. There’s a certain technique you have to have and I knew I wouldn’t master it all in one weekend but with practice, maybe I would. Continue reading “Don’t Put Me In A Box”

How to Plan a Vision Board Party

IMG_9869So you want to plan a vision board party. Well, as someone who just hosted a very successful one, I’ll explain how. It’s rather simple and it was an idea that came about randomly. I knew it wouldn’t take much thought to put together and it would be a fun excuse to bring close friends together for an afternoon of fellowship and fun.

Google Docs

I am going to start this post off with a tip. Google Docs is the best. I used google docs to plan out my party and create a contact list for attendees.

Invite list

Unless you have the space, its important not to invite too many people since this is a huge arts and crafts task that requires time and space. Also since a vision board party outlines someone’s inner most desires for their present and future be mindful of who you invite and make sure everyone is encouraging to one another.


Figure out a date, time and location. I sent all my invites via e-vite. I found a cute template and the rest was history. Most importantly, my invitations didn’t cost a dime and I was able to keep track of who viewed the invitation and rsvps.

The invite encouraged people to answer the following questions:

  1. What is my vision for my life?
  2. What are my dreams?
  3. What do I need to do to achieve my dreams?
  4. How much of my past is shaping the way I think and what I do? Is it effecting my present and future?

I also encouraged people to bring their own magazines. Continue reading “How to Plan a Vision Board Party”

How to Make a Vision Board

In a previous post I touched on the idea of Virtualization . Now I want to put virtualization into effect with vision boards. Creating vision boards is nothing new to me. I used to do this throughout college and even won an excellence in communication award for representing ageism and race in a collage (but that’s neither here nor there).

What you need to create a vision board is simple:

  • Magazines, which I am sure many of us have those at our disposal
  • Poster Board which you can get for about $1 or less
  • Glue and Scissors

IMG_9846You can spend about 30-minutes to 1-hour looking through magazines. I love to find great words and titles for my vision board. I am always on the search for words like Strength, Freedom, Woman, Travel etc. I also love abstract and strikingly beautiful pictures. Colorful, bright and inspiring. I rip everything that is aesthetically pleasing to me and I put them in a section. Continue reading “How to Make a Vision Board”

Thank Me Later: Quick Recipes your Man will Love

I was over Joe’s house one weekend and we both were hungry. When we first started talking I promised him, I would one-day cook for him and I guess no time was better than the present. After walking the dog, I took a stroll to the grocery store where I contemplated what I could make for this man. He’s a hearty guy, so whatever I made had to be fulfilling and appetizing (no struggle plates over here). I finally made my decision, which I share below and slaved away in the kitchen. What I noticed was that none of my dishes were significantly hard to make. It took less than 15 minutes to cook each of these dishes (not in total). So I wanted to share some quick and easy recipes for you and your significant other to enjoy:

Sausage and Peppers

  •  Hot Italian Sausages
  • Onions (Preferably Purple)
  • Red, Yellow, Green and/or Orange Peppers
  • Olive Oil
  1. Cut up the onions and peppers. Prepare to sauté in a skillet drizzled in olive oil (you can also season the peppers to add flavor with seasoned salt). Let simmer until it’s lightly browned and place on a plate.
  2. Cut up the sausages into small chunks and place in a hot skillet with vegetable or olive oil. Let the sausages cook fully.
  3. Mix both the sausage and peppers in the skillet let cook for about 5 minutes add seasoning for flavor sometimes I add a little bbq sauce for flavor

To add to the sausage dish I made Pasta with meat sauce.

Pasta with Meat Sauce

  • Penne Pasta
  • Tomato Sauce
  • Ground beef
  • Cheese
  • Peppers and onions
  • Seasoning (Salt, Pepper, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder, Basil)
  • Brown Sugar (optional)
  1. Put pasta in boiling water with olive oil and salt and let it come to a boil
  2. Sauté the Ground beef until fully cooked
  3. Add tomato sauce, brown sugar (optional), and seasoning to the ground beef and let it simmer for 5 minutes.
  4. Add Pasta to the meat sauce and stir for 2-3 minutes.
  5. Add cheese and a little basil to top it off

You always need to add a vegetable to any great meal

Asparagus and mushrooms

  • Asparagus
  • Mushroom
  • Onions/Garlic
  • Olive Oil
  1. Sauté Garlic and onions in a skillet drizzled in olive oil for about 60 seconds (or just before it begins to turn brown) before adding the mushroom over a light fire.
  2. Add asparagus and let cook for about 5 minutes or until the asparagus is cooked for your liking (I love when it’s soft).


Food for Your Man

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