I Lied About My Age…

What are you like 24?

Her question stopped me in my tracks. I haven’t had an issue with my age until turning 27. I actually resented people who lied about their age, just to appeal to others, that is until I became one of those people.

No. I’m not 24.

Then how old are you?

Ummm (Soft Whisper) 26.

See you’re 26? You’re still really young.

The thing is, 3-months prior to this conversation, I turned 27, and have been dealing with the ramifications of being so close to age 30 ever since. So much so, that I lied. I really try not to lie anymore, especially for something as trivial as age but the guilt of my lie consumed me for the whole day. This situation illustrated to me that I was not comfortable with who I was and what I’ve done so far in my life and that’s never a good feeling. I was being super hard on myself and was not looking at my blessings and all that I’ve attained but only focusing on what has not happened…yet.

Yes, I know I have my whole life ahead of me and I’m still very young. I understand this more than anyone. But the pressure is falling hard on me. I am 27-years old and I still don’t feel like I have it even remotely figured out. The thing that bothers me the most is that I know my career route (the one that I will eventually choose) won’t be straight and narrow and that fear of possibly having to struggle scares me. I have not taken the plunge yet because I am too comfortable in my current situation, and these realizations are making me freak out. But what scares me, even more, is waking up one day as a middle-aged person and having regrets of not chasing after my dreams and taking risks. Complacency is my biggest fear of all.

27th Birthday Brunch

I always tell myself I don’t want to make a fuss over my birthday and then it comes around and I realize how important it is to take advantage of celebrating yourself. So I did. This year started out on a rocky note, with me losing my hearing while in South Africa. As a result, it was important for me to celebrate life. I had my brunch at Il Bastardo, an Italian restaurant where you can drink out of champagne bottles with straws. It was a 90s themed brunch since I absolutely love the 90s. All of my guests left with a “You Are A Badass” book by Jen Sincero because it was one of the books that I read while I was sick to encourage me to get going again.

After brunch, my friends and I went to an art exhibit followed by another party at Studio 21 which was a blast. We spent the rest of the night dancing to all of my favorite songs new and old. But a night out wouldn’t be complete without the relentless search for food at midnight. We found a cozy Mexican restaurant where we shared arroz con pollo and fajitas. T’was a good night.





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