20-Something Year Old Grandma’s


Your friend asks you to hang out and you’re totally down, but when the time comes your bed feels more comfortable than usual, so you wait as if staying in bed will exude a mystical power that will convince your friend not to want to go anywhere…and then the text comes in…

Friend: Girl, I am so tired
You: Me too, such a long day
Friend: You still want to go
You: It’s up to you…I’m down for whatever
Friend: Maybe we should stay home
You: kk **Jumps out of bed and does the happy dance**

If this exchange sounds familiar and you are only in your twenties then you are a GRANDMA! You might be wondering, what makes me such an expert and it’s because I’m a grandma. I know I am. I’ve always preferred staying home than being out on the streets until the wee hours of the morning. I hate coming in when the sun comes out, it just ruins my sleep patterns. As much as I love fun and social gatherings, being home is just as fun.

See below, some signs of grandma-hood approaching prematurely upon you:

1-Your friend call’s you at 11pm and you’re already sleeping…ON A FRIDAY NIGHT!

2-Your idea of an epic night is staying home and watching movies in bed…bring on the Love Jones!

3-You’re totally over the “club” scene..but remember back in the day when the club was like reaching nirvana? It was just the coolest thing ever.

4-You use words like “Back in the day” (see #3).

5-When you actually do go out, every song that the DJ play’s you have to turn to the friend that is least likely to judge you and ask “What song is this?”

Up and Down and Up and Down

I just finished the book of Genesis and it was powerful. I mean, of course, the Old Testament is really hard to follow with its list of lineages but the stories are amazing. The story of Joseph, son of Jacob and Rachel captivated me the most. Joseph literally went through highs and lows in his life but not once did he lose faith in God. He was favored by the lord and God always looked out for him. Joseph was Jacob’s favorite son and his brothers were envious of him. He had a dream that could be interpreted as his brothers one day bowing down to him and this made his brothers mad. So they came up with a plot to throw him in a pit to die. However, that plan changed when they decided to sell him into slavery and tell their father that he was killed by wild animals.
As I said, Joseph’s life was pretty tumultuous filled with highs and lows which I want to illustrate.
When Jacob found out about the news of his cherished son, he was heartbroken. He believed Joseph was dead. Meanwhile, Joseph, who was sold into slavery, was faring well, in spite of his circumstances. The slave master found favor in him and asked him to rule over his house, a high in Joseph’s life (HIGH). However, his master’s wife thought Joseph was handsome and attempted numerous sexual advances towards him in which he denied each of them. She, in turn, accused him of trying to rape her and they threw him in the pits of jail (LOW). While in jail he found favor with the prison guard and was able to rule over the jail (HIGH). Soon, two men of Pharaoh’s court were thrown into jail and they had troubling dreams in which Joseph was able to interpret through the spirit of God. He told the men to remember him when they got out of jail but they didn’t (LOW). Two-years later Pharaoh needed a dream interpreted and no one in the vicinity of Egypt could interpret the dream. Finally, the bread bearer of Pharaoh’s court, that had his dream interpreted by Joseph while in jail, remembered his promise to Joseph and told Pharaoh. Pharaoh ordered Joseph to be released from jail to interpret his dream (HIGH). Once Joseph was able to interpret Pharaoh’s dream and predicted that there would be seven years of abundance and seven years of famine, Pharaoh ordered that Joseph reign over Egypt (EXTREME HIGH).
During the years of the famine Joseph brothers, the same guys that sold him into slavery bowed down to him humbly and asked for grain to survive. Joseph recognized them immediately but they didn’t recognize him. He was only 17-years old when they sold him into slavery, so with all the years that passed, he was a man now.  He played around with their heads for a bit until he finally confessed that he was Joseph and they glorified him (HIGH).
As much as it hurt Joseph to confront his past, he forgave his brothers and they lived abundantly under his rule. This story was amazing and just showed that we may go through highs and lows in life but God remains with us always. This story illustrates purpose. It was God’s purpose all along to have Joseph sold into slavery and to rise to the top. God has a purpose for all of our lives and this story instilled in me, purpose, patience, and trust in GOD!
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