Greetings Twenty-Six

It’s been a month since my 26th birthday and I am overjoyed with the outpouring of love and acknowledgement that I received this year. It’s truly a blessing when you are loved, and when people think enough about you to want to make you happy and recognize your special day. I was humbled as the gifts kept rolling in for the whole month of March and even April. Like a spoiled brat I received some of the things that I wanted most, the books that I wanted to read, flowers that I wanted to smell and cupcakes that I wanted to eat. What a blessing.Thank you all!

I am totally looking forward to what this new year has in store for me. I just feel so motivated. For those wondering, no, I don’t feel old turning 26, I feel younger and better than ever. I have a whole life to live. If 26 is old, what is 76? Some people need to get a grip and put things into perspective. I welcome growth because it makes possible becoming a better version of yourself. This year, I would love to be more outgoing; that would be a huge accomplishment (sometimes I can be so shy); I want to continue to encourage others; I want to start being more selfless, giving more to those in need and setting aside cash specifically for the homeless on the street.Overall, I want to evolve into a better me.

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