Living in Purpose: Human Trafficking, Tiffany Wright and my first Docu.

When I was a junior in high school, I joined an organization called Council for Unity. Each year the organization focused on an issue happening around the world to raise awareness to the whole student body in a mandatory forum. Everyone apart of this organization had a role, but the most important thing we did collectively was research the annual issue.

The year I joined, the issue was Human Trafficking. All my life, I never knew such a heinous operation was occurring in the world. We are taught to believe that slavery was abolished in 1863 but it still occurs and millions of men, women, and children are victims to this crime. Human trafficking is a billion dollar black market industry and despite efforts to contain this problem, it’s growing rapidly.

I was shocked, afraid and empowered all at the same time. I wanted to know everything I could about this issue. I became dedicated to researching and raising awareness about Human Trafficking. All I could think of was those poor children in Thailand forced to have sex with men 3-times their age or naive women who put their trust in someone that tells them they can make their dreams of becoming a model true, only to be tricked into prostitution. Can you imagine being kidnapped, stripped of your passport and identity, beaten, and raped repeatedly, only to feel like there is no way out? To be honest, after learning about human trafficking I was never the same; a part of my innocence was taken away after researching these vile things but it couldn’t be compared to the innocence taken away from the actual victims. Continue reading “Living in Purpose: Human Trafficking, Tiffany Wright and my first Docu.”