By Ky Finds: Black Card Revoked

IMG_0344.JPGYou ever come across an amazing idea and wonder why the heck you’ve never thought of it? Well, that how I felt when I discovered Black Card Revoked by Cardsforallpeople.¬† The premise of the game is to answer a bunch of trivia questions about African American pop culture, correctly, without getting your black card revoked!

The questions are fun and lighthearted. A lot of them deal with 90’s sitcoms ranging from Martin to the Fresh Prince. One of my favorite questions is How many fights did the Fresh Prince have before his mama sent him to Bel Air? For that, you have to sing the theme song to get the answer¬† :).

The questions are multiple-choice or open-ended. You make your own rules to the game so if you want to play as individuals or teams it’s totally up to you. How people win, is also up to you. You can play as a drinking game or just as an activity to kill time. It was a great purchase and I encourage you to see what it’s all about.

Click the link below to head over to Cards for All People shop where you can purchase these cards and so much more:


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