D.I.Y Valentines Day Date Ideas


Ah, Valentine’s Day. It’s one of the most commercially driven days (aside from Christmas) that we go crazy over. But how can you not love a holiday that celebrates love? Love is such a beautiful thing. Valentine’s Day allows me to show the ones that I love, how much I truly appreciate them and value them. If you’re anything like me, you want to do something special for your beau, but you don’t really want to break your pockets, which is why this year, I decided to be creative with my Valentine’s day ideas. I wanted to experiment with a DIY Valentines Day; that’s right, do it myself! I am sharing some of my ideas because I am positive you will be inspired by these cost-effective alternatives to celebrating Valentine’s Day with that special someone. All of these ideas fall under $30, and if you aren’t sure which idea fits your budget, you can use these personal finance tools to determine what you can spend, worry-free!

Indoor Camping

Under $10

Just imagine a night in an oasis bungalow that you created for yourself in the comfort of your very own living room. You can decorate the tent with blankets and pillows and stream lights to add to the ambiance. If you don’t have a tent, create your own, surrounding your bed. Using sheets, curtains, and a few thumbtacks, enjoy a change to your normal bedroom routine while indulging in pillow talk and smores.

Wine Tasting

Under $25

Wine tasting can be pretty costly, so why not create your own? Head over to your local supermarket, my favorite is Trader Joes because their wine selection is robust and very cheap. They also have a really great selection of cheese which you can pick up to add to the tasting menu. Pick up about 2-4 wine bottles from different parts of the world and when you get home, break out those wine glasses that you keep in the cupboard for special days and treat yourself to a wine tasting that will blow your mind.

Paint & Sip

Under $30

Paint and Sips are the latest craze but I am always disturbed by people paying over $40  just to paint and drink a glass of wine when you can totally create your own Paint & Sip for two in the comfort of your home. All you really need is the following:

  • 2 Canvases ($3-$6 each)
  • Acrylic Paint ($8 or less)
  • 2 Paintbrushes ($2 each)
  • Bottle of Wine ($8 or less)

Now that you have your supplies, pick out a piece of art online that you want to imitate. Maybe it’s a Jackson Pollock or Edgar Degas; whoever it is, this will be your source of inspiration. If mimicking art feels too restrictive or uncreative, think of places you want to go or things you want to see and gain inspiration from there; have fun with it! Set the mood with great music, and create! Painting is one of the most relaxing things you can do and adding wine to the mix is the cherry on top.

Treasure Hunt

Under $10

The treasure hunt is a nice surprise for Valentine’s night. When your mate is coming home from work allow them to walk into this fun game, which will take the ease off of their long day. Upon entering the home, they will be met with a clue or a set of clues that they have to follow until they get to their prize. Who knows, maybe if you want to make it really fun, that prize could be you. An added extra could be Love Coupons. Love coupons are gestures that you will perform for your mate when they are ready to redeem it. For example, a coupon could range from washing dishes for a week to a back massage. Love coupons are a DIY project in itself, but a great addition to the treasure hunt.

Game Night, V-Day Edition

Under $10

For this one, all you need is some chips, dip, and maybe a bottle of your favorite cider or beer. Game night on Valentines Day can be done with just you and your beau or you can invite another couple to join along for some tag-teaming. The games can range from trivia to Heads Up. But my all-time favorites are Monopoly and UNO, which might need a few more people to join in.

 Relationship Goals Vision Boards

Under $10

Have you given much thought into the goals you have for your relationship? Maybe you want to travel more or communicate better. These are all goals that can be illustrated on a vision board. The great thing about vision boards is that it serves as a constant reminder for the things you want to accomplish. While in a relationship we may lose sight of our relationship goals and this is the perfect way to put things into perspective. All you really need is some magazines, poster board/paper, some scissors and glue, all of which I am sure you have around your home. Envisioning your future together is definitely a conversation starter and the perfect V-Day date night.

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