The Bright Side of Rejection

Rejection. I hate it. I can’t deal with it and I know it’s one of my biggest deterrents in life. So recently, when I got rejected by something, I decided to partake in activities during my pity party which included making a list of all the times I was rejected starting from when I was 10-years old. It was so ridiculous. (Sometimes being a blogger sucks because I have to reveal things about myself that are borderline embarrassing). Nevertheless, although I wanted this activity to bring more grief to my already forsaken mood, it actually brought on a revelation that I’d never even considered before that moment.

Revelation: Each time I was rejected, something better, greater, more fit for me, came out of it and the moral of the story is…I turned out okay.

When I was 10-years old, I was rejected by Prep for Prep, which is a program for underprivileged students to attend private school. I thought it would make me look like I was not smart, but in reality, I turned out fine and I excelled in public school.

When I was applying to college, I was rejected by my dream school Spelman. I thought it was the end of the world, but I enjoyed my wacky time at Penn State and met some of my best friends.

When I graduated, I couldn’t find a job for the life of me. It was so bad, I was rejected by the clothing store Uniqlo. Eventually, I found a job and it’s been an amazing ride.

Throughout life, I’ve been rejected. Whether it was from boys, schools, or professional/social groups. I know essentially the rejection felt like a failure, but putting things into perspective, it needed to happen to make way for something better to come into my life.

If you’re feeling defeated by rejection, I  can only hope that you will not let it limit you. Put things into perspective and consider that maybe something way better is on the way into your life.




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