Kizzy’s Decision Taught me…



Roots was an amazing series, which was sometimes hard to watch but overall, significant for me and I am very pleased with how well done it was.

One of the defining scenes in my mind after watching Roots, was when Kizzy, whose name means “Stay Put” in Mandika actually did that very thing.  She had the opportunity to be free and marry the man she was in love with, but turned down the opportunity to stay on the plantation, because it was comfortable for her. Although a pragmatic decision, it shook me to my core. If there’s one thing I learned about life, it’s to jump on opportunities when they come to you. You never want to wake up one day, thinking What If?. Kizzy missed out on love and freedom and the opportunities that life as a free woman up North had to offer her. I guess, too often we all do that in our own lives. We get comfortable in security. Comfortable with avoiding risks. Comfortable with allowing fear to leave us stagnant, and then we lead unhappy lives, knowing there’s more to us than what we are settling for. I don’t want to do that. I am finally learning that taking risks although frightening is the only way we can grow. Not giving into our fears and taking on new opportunities encompasses the excitement and the mysteries of life.

This scene hits home for me because I find myself at a cross road, comfortable in the security I’ve built for myself for the last few years, but ready to grow and become a batter person and unleash the inner powerhouse in me. I am ready for a change.

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