Prioritizing God and Self-Care in the Morning

My morning routine keeps me balanced and sane (but sometimes it makes me late). The truth is, I am not a morning person. If I’m going to spend most of my day at work, I think it’s pivotal to carve time out for myself.  But the deeper truth is that I use my mornings to spend time with God. As I get closer to God, I realize the importance of prioritizing him before anything else in my day.  In all honesty, it’s hard to do and sometimes, I am not able to, but the intent is always there. Whenever I  prioritize God in the morning, I have more confidence and I feel empowered. Yeah, things may happen that will annoy me throughout the day, but it doesn’t bother me as much. I have a sense of peace and protection over me.

Starting my day with God as my priority means, shutting off my alarm clock and not immediately flipping to Instagram. It means putting the phone away and replacing it with my bible and notebook. Then spending a few chapters reading and studying, followed by a prayer.

If I still have more time, I pull out my journal and start writing. Maybe it’s about the previous day or creating a list of things to do, but I use my mornings to reconnect with myself before I dedicate 10-hours at work. We spend so much time pouring into others and not enough into ourselves.

Below are some of my favorite books in the old testament of the bible, that pack strong lessons in wisdom, leadership, and courage. These book suggestions also show us who God is. God cannot be defined but we can learn more about his character by reading his word. Within the last year, I’ve studied these books and can attest to how powerful they are.


The 52 List Project (9).png

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