Dear Charlie

32A211A5-569E-4188-A658-57A2749B4BDBDear Charlie,

The only thing that gives me comfort in your sudden passing is that I know you knew how much I loved you and I knew how much you loved me. You showed me unconditional love. You showed me reciprocal love. You mended broken relationships in our family. People who didn’t talk, talked because of you. I loved you more than you would ever know. I loved your kisses. I loved how smart you were. I loved how much affection you showed. I loved how protective you were. I loved your discernment. I loved how much you trusted me.  You were the most beautiful dog. Your fur, when grown out, made you resemble simba. Your ears were like butterfly wings. You were special. We were not dog people at all but you changed us instantly. You were bougie, your walk was confident. You were even a little shady and who doesn’t love a shady dog? I loved catching you stare lovingly at me. I loved when you turned on your back for a tummy rub. I loved your puppy dog eyes when you wanted some of my food and the way you held your foot up in anticipation of it. I loved that we had a secret bond/connection that no one could break. I was protective over you. I sometimes spoiled you. Whatever you wanted, I was giving it to you. You spoiled me too. All I would say is “gimmie kisses” and you would give me all the sweet kisses in the world. In the Bible 7 is the year of completion and on June 7 at just 7 years old you went on to be with the lord. I pray to be reunited with you again, one day. My dream last week told me it would happen but I didn’t want to believe it. Although I would kill for 7 more years with you, I am comforted that you are at peace. Your coughing was progressively getting worst and pained my heart because there was nothing I could do for your heart. The meds were not working. This pain, of losing a dog, I wish on no one. I’ve screamed and cried out to you in hopes you would return back to life when I saw you in the hospital. I’ve cried so much I’ve made myself sick but you wouldn’t want that. I love you and am obsessed with you as I always told you. Charlie you were a blessing! Thank you for the purpose your life has served.

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