D.J KY in the House

Solange, Va$htie, Brittany Skye, Kitty Kash—These are all female D.J’s that I’ve come to admire. They are also the reason why I was so hell bent on becoming a D.J for the last 2-years. After going to numerous parties, more than I care to admit, I realized there’s very few female D.J’s in the industry and when I do see one, I am filled with pride.

There’s a lot of pressure on these women too. They have to be better than the men whose set was before theirs, and although they are more than capable of doing so, this is still an arena that needs to see more women in the booth. So I decided to take a D.J class to really understand the technique and if I had what it takes to become one.


The class was at Dubspot on 14th street. It started promptly at 7 and ended 2-hours later. We learned to mix, spin, and scratch with the musical likeness of Jay-Z , Eric B and Rakim, and Black Rob. It was an excellent class, one that I will consider taking again although the lessons are pretty pricey. I think this is an investment and a craft I would love to learn, just because…well you never know. DJ Ky in the House.


Listen to Your Heart

Love Yourself Enough to Know When Its Time To Walk Away…

I know a woman who wanted to be in a relationship. The pressure of those around her was getting too deep. Friends questioned why she was still single and why she didn’t give dating a chance. Their judgment pierced her heart. She didn’t let them know, but it hurt. She felt perfectly fine discovering who she was spiritually, mentally and professionally. She was making great strides in her life and she took pride in working her way up the success ladder. But all of that didn’t matter to them because she didn’t have a man to validate her.

One day, when she least expected it she met a guy. He saw her in the midst of a sea of women and wanted her. She was flattered. He wasn’t the type of guy she normally went for, but she was open-minded and his persistence was admirable. Turns out, he was exactly who she was looking for. He was educated, ambitious and he understood her. It took a certain type of man to understand the type of woman she was but he did. Within a few months of talking they knew a relationship was the next step and made it official. She was on cloud nine. Could this be her husband? Things were great until things weren’t great.

This relationship became a problem when she realized that he struggled with a problem. She went to his house one evening and his over-zealousness was an indication that he had been drinking. Continue reading “Listen to Your Heart”