Podcast Revamp All Summer 16 #PodByKy


I started a podcast for Lifestyle By Ky around January of this year, just to get some things off my mind and talk it out. The funny thing is most people don’t know my podcast exists, which is what I am seeking to change. This summer, I decided to work on a podcast project of sorts, where I would interview various people on different topics that I cared about. So far I’ve done interviews on “Life After College” “The Reality of Marriage” “The Male Perspective” and “The Golden Age of TV and Life” just to name a few things and the best part is starting this week and every week after for the rest of the summer and fall you will be able to hear it too.

So a few things before becoming a listener  of Lifestylebyky Podcast that I want to be totally honest about:

1.) My voice is absolutely ANNOYING!  Brace Yourselves!

2.) My laugh is more annoying than my voice, something I never knew!

3.) I’ve gotten the question a lot lately, what’s your podcast about? Man I don’t know, whatever I feel like talking about when I wake up for the day.

4.) My podcast are very unconventional. I know the standard is to be in a very quiet room, where you can hear a pin drop. But I don’t have time for all of that. Sometimes, topics come to me when I am jogging through prospect park and boom a podcast episode is created, so if you’re anything like me you have to go with the flow as my listener!

5.) My guests definitely are dropping GEMS! Each week gets better and better and better!

6.) What I want from all of this is growth. I want the podcast to evolve eventually, but I have to start somewhere. I want to discover more about me and what I am capable of doing as well.

You can listen to my podcast on my blog Lifestylebyky.com under ThePodcast tab. You can also subscribe to my Soundcloud and listen to it there. It will be on Itunes soon, very soon and another update for that milestone will come shortly.

Happy Listening #PodByKy


Night Cap With Jeff Koons

Honestly, I only wanted to go to the Koon’s exhibit to get an amazing picture in front of Balloon Dog. I’ve only heard of Jeff Koon’s work once in my life while researching Asian culture. I have to admit, I may be the superficial American Koons is poking fun at with his art. This exhibit was no Kara Walker and Balloon Dog was not remotely as deep as Mammy Sphinx, but I was still very intrigued because I love avant garde art. I pre-purchased my ticket to avoid waiting on the long line and invited 2-friends to experience this sort of cult-of-koons also known as Retrospective at the Whitney Museum.

IMG_7800 Jeff Koons

We started at the top floor and worked our way down. The first exhibit we visited was called Antiquity which showcased artwork from the ancient world infused with 1950’s pinups girls. We eventually made our way to Popeye and Hulk Elvis before discovering the “nirvana” of the exhibit also known as Balloon Dog and the Play dough structure. I was intrigued by his artwork but to be honest I didn’t understand it. What was the deeper meaning behind his sculptures?

IMG_7823 Kydee Williams Kydee Williams

We proceeded to The inflatables, Gazing Ball, and Banality. I enjoyed these exhibits the least. For one,  I am not a fan of readymade art. I understand the sexual undertones of the inflatables but it lacked substance. Equilibrium was pretty cool, how he got the basketball to stay afloat in that water was beyond me. Luxury and Degradation was funny. All hail to the Hennessy piece.

Jeff KoonsIMG_7882 IMG_7884
Overall, I enjoyed a great night out with my girls. There is something so cool about going to a museum at 1AM. I felt so Sex in the City when Carrie was dating Aleksandr Petrovsky. We eventually found out the Retrospective was in a sense mocking and/or highlighting the tangible things that we value so much in our culture including: sex, athletes, celebrities, alcohol, and play dough among others. Tis’ was a night to remember.