Ky’s Fave Bloggers Awards

For Fashion:

Karla’s Closet aka Karla

Karla’s Closet exhibits some of the best and most minimalist styles that you can think of and that’s why I love her blog. She’s funky but simple. It’s attainable styles; boyfriend jeans, belly shirts, and wide-legged slacks (that I am sure she pays tons of money for but you can create it to your liking for less). I love that she wears neutrals, she doesn’t experiment much with colors. Black, White, Nude, Navy Blue and Army Green seem to be her colors of choice. I enjoy it when she travels, whether its Hong Kong, Paris or an exotic island, she’s always dressed perfectly for the occasion.

Shirley’s Wardrobe aka Shirley

Shirley Beniag is a mini Karla’s closet but she gives me more of the classic, professional, and chic vibe. She shops at ZARA and H&M, so it’s so easy to replicate her style. Sometimes she gives me Kerry Washington, which is always a treat. She makes professional dressing look fabulous and attainable. The thing that I also love about Shirley is how neat she is and her personality is incredible. I can watch her on her youtube channel for days. She’s funny and so stunning. Her sister has a cooking blog as well, so I take turns watching the both of them. I love Shirley, but sometimes you have to wait a while before she posts something new. I don’t blame her though, life gets hectic.

Shirleys Wardrobe

Theaccessory aka Alexis

I just discovered this site, but I am a long time fan of Alexis Phifer (who is most famously known as the ex. of Kanye West). She’s beautiful and a few years back I discovered she has a keen eye for fashion. Now she has a website that highlights her fashion sense. What I like about Alexis is how she mixes it up. She can wear funky suede boots with a boho oversized sweater and look like a million bucks. You can shop on her website and replicate some of her looks, as she is a designer. She’s pretty cool. Continue reading “Ky’s Fave Bloggers Awards”