Ky’s Fave Bloggers Awards

For Fashion:

Karla’s Closet aka Karla

Karla’s Closet exhibits some of the best and most minimalist styles that you can think of and that’s why I love her blog. She’s funky but simple. It’s attainable styles; boyfriend jeans, belly shirts, and wide-legged slacks (that I am sure she pays tons of money for but you can create it to your liking for less). I love that she wears neutrals, she doesn’t experiment much with colors. Black, White, Nude, Navy Blue and Army Green seem to be her colors of choice. I enjoy it when she travels, whether its Hong Kong, Paris or an exotic island, she’s always dressed perfectly for the occasion.

Shirley’s Wardrobe aka Shirley

Shirley Beniag is a mini Karla’s closet but she gives me more of the classic, professional, and chic vibe. She shops at ZARA and H&M, so it’s so easy to replicate her style. Sometimes she gives me Kerry Washington, which is always a treat. She makes professional dressing look fabulous and attainable. The thing that I also love about Shirley is how neat she is and her personality is incredible. I can watch her on her youtube channel for days. She’s funny and so stunning. Her sister has a cooking blog as well, so I take turns watching the both of them. I love Shirley, but sometimes you have to wait a while before she posts something new. I don’t blame her though, life gets hectic.

Shirleys Wardrobe

Theaccessory aka Alexis

I just discovered this site, but I am a long time fan of Alexis Phifer (who is most famously known as the ex. of Kanye West). She’s beautiful and a few years back I discovered she has a keen eye for fashion. Now she has a website that highlights her fashion sense. What I like about Alexis is how she mixes it up. She can wear funky suede boots with a boho oversized sweater and look like a million bucks. You can shop on her website and replicate some of her looks, as she is a designer. She’s pretty cool.

For Personality:

Beauty Crush aka Sam

BeautyCrush is literally one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever laid eyes on, but like they say beauty is soul-deep and I think what makes Sam exceptional is her personality. She’s so fun. Her laugh is contagious and she seems a bit goofy too. I am very protective over Sam, I’ve been following her for about 2-years now and when I first subscribed to her vlog she had a boyfriend that gave me weird vibes (as if we are friends in real life). Come to find out, that they broke up because of his abusive ways. Now she’s with an amazing guy named Jason and I get great vibes from him. They are adorable and I love their dogs. The key to a great blogger is authenticity and transparency and Sam is all of the above. Her fashion is cool too. She makes casual look edgy.


For Beauty/Hair:

Mckenzie Renae aka Mckenzie

Although Mckenzie has amazing features like nails of the day, I just love looking at her. She’s so pretty and I love her natural hair. I would kill for hair like hers. She’s also super ambitious. What I enjoy most, is her make up tips since our skin tone is similar and she seems to always have flawless but naturally make up.


For Lifestyle:

NaturalBelle aka Gina

One word, Freya! If you follow NaturalBelle, you will know that Freya is her rambunctious daughter who is the cutest kid ever. Gina dresses her like an adult which is so funny. Nevertheless, I’ve followed NaturalBelle for a while now, even before Freya was a thought in her head and I love her blog. She’s holistic, so she uses a lot of natural products. She’s very transparent with her life, especially her hair story (which I can relate to). What I love most about Gina is how much of an old soul she is. She has the best vintage pictures of anyone you can think of from Josephine Baker to Chaka Khan.


For Pop Culture:

NecoleBitchie aka Necole

There’s something so real about Necole’s blog. She’s not like other celebrity bloggers that slam people for filth; she’s more like the mama bear or sissy poo, always evaluating a story and adding valuable advice and her two sense at the end. What I also love about Necole’s blog is she’s engaging people more, allowing the public, not only celebrities, to be featured on it, which is commendable.



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3 Replies to “Ky’s Fave Bloggers Awards”

  1. Great line up. I’ve been a fan of NaturalBelle since mid 2000’s I love her style. Freya is the absolute cutest. I’ve had a hair crush on Mckenzie Renae for a long time. I’ve still not gotten there. I’m not familiar with the others but I will check them out. Thanks for sharing. #blmgirls

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