Appreciating Our Breasts

I may never be able to shake the memory of the first time I saw my grandmother without breast. We were in Jamaica for the whole summer and I was only 10 years old. She was changing her shirt and my back was facing her as I watched television. To her surprise, I turned around to ask her a question and saw her bare chest with scars that looked so painful; stitched up to shield where her breast used to be.

I could recollect a time when my grandmother had breast, I used to lay on them as a child just to listen to her insides and be that much closer to her. I loved to hear her heartbeat, but now those memories were just memories, I could never use her God-given breast as a means of comfort or security anymore, and if this hurt me I could only imagine how much it hurt her.

My family chose not to tell us that my grandmother almost died from this cancerous disease called breast cancer. Now at 24, my mother has still not outwardly broken the news to me, because she assumes that I may just know. Writing this is very hard for me because I think about the numerous women who complain about their breast being too small or too big, meanwhile, there are women out there that are sick and without breast because of this disease. This year during Breast Cancer Awareness Month I volunteered on behalf of my organization, Reserved at “Avon Breast Cancer Event Eve” and it was a very humbling experience. Being among breast cancer survivors who were so full of life reminded me just how important it is to take advantage of every day that we are healthy, alive, and well.

Click the link below to check out #TeamReserved’s Breast Cancer Campaign:

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