By Ky Books: The Originals by Adam Grant

I read this book for a book club put on by the Women’s Forum. At first I was super excited to read it, caught up in fact, that Originals do exist and I could be one of them. Adam Grant uses his book to discuss extraordinary individuals and what makes them special. He addresses procrastination as a positive trait using Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as an example because he waited until the twelfth hour to craft his world-renowned “I Have a Dream” speech (which was actually an improvisation). He talked about the dangers of Group Think and the failures and successes of the Women’s Suffrage Movement. I was excited to learn about these movers and shakers but about halfway through the book, it all became unbearable; reading case study after case study. Great information, but it lost me. I put the book down months ago and picked it up again a few weeks back just to force myself to finish this book. I am happy I did, and if you’re interested in learning about creative people who changed the world this book might be for you!


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