Alternative Ways of Networking

NETWORKING.jpgI love people but I can’t bring myself to walk up to someone randomly and introduce myself . Because networking is such an important tool to develop in your career, I had to discover alternative ways of networking where I can meet people and still be true to myself by attending conferences, working for others and social media i.e. Twitter and Facebook groups just to name a few. Check out my latest podcast.

My Top 15 Moments in 2015

  1. My Vision Board Party

I think having a Vision Board party in January set the tone for an amazing year. I still get comments from my friends saying their vision boards helped them check off goals on their list that they probably wouldn’t of done without the help of their boards reminding them. My board is still something that empowers me when I look at it. I am encouraged to remain strong willed and grounded.


  1. Dubai

That glitch fare on Christmas day last year allowed me to go to Dubai for only $200. What a blessing that was. Dubai’s desert was probably my favorite part. That vast landscape of beautiful sand and horizon is something that will forever be embedded in my heart.


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