My Top 15 Moments in 2015

  1. My Vision Board Party

I think having a Vision Board party in January set the tone for an amazing year. I still get comments from my friends saying their vision boards helped them check off goals on their list that they probably wouldn’t have done without the help of their boards reminding them. My board is still something that empowers me when I look at it. I am encouraged to remain strong-willed and grounded.


  1. Dubai

That glitch fare on Christmas day last year allowed me to go to Dubai for only $200. What a blessing that was. Dubai’s desert was probably my favorite part. That vast landscape of beautiful sand and horizon is something that will forever be embedded in my heart.


  1. Women in Travel Summit in Boston

The Women in Travel Summit (WITS)  in Boston took my travel blogging skills to the next level. This conference was not only empowering but taught me how important it is to build content, even when you’re not always traveling. I branded myself as a travel blogger soon after.


  1. Basquiat’s Exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum

When the Brooklyn Museum exhibited Basquiat Notebooks this year, my life changed. I am absolutely in love with Basquiat and his genius. I spent tons of weekends thereafter, watching his documentaries, reading books about his life, and just obsessing over him. If I ever get rich, I want his paintings in my home, but for now, the duplicate that the museum was selling for $20 will do.


  1. American Black Film Festival

ABFF panel’s really motivated me. The stories of how these writers and producers, showrunners, and directors came to be where they are today resonated with me because it showed that the road to success is a long one, and it doesn’t happen overnight. The panelists were transparent and kept it real about their trajectories in life. I left inspired.


  1. Getting to the top of Runyon Canyon

Runyon Canyon may seem like the “it” thing to do in LA, but getting to the top of that mountain is hard work. I was wheezing for dear life. But there’s a feeling of accomplishment once you get to the top and view the beauty of LA.


  1. Meeting Boyz II Men in Las Vegas

I am a self-proclaimed, Boyz II Men #1 Fan. So when I found out they would be playing in Las Vegas the same weekend I was there I had to get tickets. What I didn’t know was that I would actually get the opportunity to meet them, hug them, and take pictures with them. It was truly a night to remember. Vegas nights are the best!


  1. Published by Ebony Mag

My trip to Chicago could’ve been a disaster, but I turned it around for good and even got published by Ebony!  You can read my article here


  1. Baby Rashida

Baby Rashida is my next-door neighbor/close family friend’s child. This year she kind of become apart of our family. I adore her so much! She’s such a blessing in my life.


  1. Letting go of toxicity and keeping it out

Sometimes, as women, we need to learn to listen to our hearts and take heed to those red flags. This year I was faced with many decisions when it came to my relationships. I had to make a choice of being with guys who didn’t see my worth or walking away before it got too deep and I chose me and will continue to choose me over any relationship where love and respect is not reciprocated.

  1. Becoming a kiddie preacher at Sunday school

Well, as you guys may know I volunteer for the Sunday school program at my church Brooklyn Tabernacle. This year they made me the kiddie preacher, or the person who facilitates the bible lesson for the 3-4-year-olds, which was such a honor. I am so grateful for the opportunity. They also gave me the opportunity to write lessons, which has been a bit challenging but I am so willing to learn and get better at it.

  1. Natural Hair!

I lost faith in my hair after I big chopped the second time in 2014, and to see it thriving again is an amazing feeling! Thank God!



  1. Completed a Documentary

Well, the documentary isn’t exactly complete, but actually taking on such a venture was amazing and it really proved to me that I could do whatever I set my mind to.



14. TV Writing Course

My TV Writing course was one of the best things I did this year. Probably because, I believed in myself. Read more about my journey here.

15. Bonus from work that will pay for my next trip.

Unexpectedly receiving a bonus that will completely pay for an upcoming trip that I was worried would set me back financially. God is awesome.



Overall, 2015 was a great year of growth and finding out a bit more about myself and what I am capable of doing. I am totally looking forward to doing more growing in 2016.

2 Replies to “My Top 15 Moments in 2015”

  1. Love watching you grow as a blogger !!! Thank you for taking us on your journey with you !!! Fantastic fantastic job Ky wish you the best in 2016.. FYI you should definite host another vision board party !!

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