Celebrating Black History

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It all happened pretty quickly. On Jan 9th I talked casually to my friend about the state of being black in America. We addressed everything from slavery, to affirmative action, to the downfall of Bill Cosby. As black women, we have to think about these issues through two lenses, race, and gender. The intersectionality of race and gender is what the intellectuals in academia call it. The following week, I went to see Kevin Powell speak at the Brooklyn Historical Society and was enamored by his thought-provoking conversation. I was also very proud that he spoke about the same things my friend and I talked about just the week before. From there, I decided to delve further into my knowledge of black history. Not that I don’t know enough as it is (I know enough to make my little mind go insane), but I wanted to dive just a little deeper. So I took the plunge. I spent the last few weeks, reading, writing, watching, and conversing about black history and the current state of black men and women in America. It was then that I understood how important the conversation is to have.

This February is going to be very significant for the Lifestyle By Ky Blog. It marks the start of Black History Month, a special month filled with pride and remembrance of what my ancestors did for you and me so we could have a better life. From enduring the harsh ramifications of slavery to the senseless violence of the Civil Rights era, they sacrificed for us so we could have the freedoms that we enjoy today and will continue to build on in the future.

The last time I actually acknowledged Black History month to the extent I am going to on my blog was probably in college. I just started my “blogging career” and decided to use my platform as a hub to share what I was learning in my African American Studies classes. This month, I will commemorate Black History by sharing something impactful that I discovered which has inspired me to be better. Mondays will be dedicated to movies, Movie Mondays. I decided to watch a bunch of black historical movies one-day last month and it completely changed me. I want to share some of them with you. As with the movies, I want to share some great books I’ve come across on Tuesday, By Ky Books Tuesdays. If you know me, then you know I’m always reading so this is nothing new but these books are rich with black consciousness and I am sure you will love them all just the same. On Wednesday its personal blogs that I’ve written nothing new there. Thursday’s I’m excited about because it’s my podcasts, The Podcasts Thursdays. I’ve been having so much fun with podcasts lately. They are a huge help when I want to get something out, but don’t feel like writing. My voice is annoying, we know this, but I love this form of media, and will continue to use it on my blog. Fridays are dedicated to the amazing things I’ve purchased recently, for us, by us.

As always, if you like what you see, comment, share or write your own content to be submitted on this platform (I love that option the most).



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